Liquitank Solutions Flexitanks

An advanced & economical way to transport bulk liquid globally.

liquitank flexitank rendering

Transport bulk liquid in any trailer, reefer, 40’ or intermodal container.

  • Designed for single use without the need to clean or return empty containers.
  • Made from food-grade virgin multi-layer polyethylene.
  • No risk of residual liquid contamination from previous load.
  • Compatible with refrigerated containers.
  • Transport up to 24,000 liters per container.
  • Approved for use on US, China, Russia & Ukraine railways.
  • Lower tare weight allows for the transport of more product.
ship by truck, ship, or rail

A tank for every use-case.

Our product lineup delivers world class performance at an exceptionally low cost, making our flexitanks a preferrable method to transport nearly any type of non-hazardous bulk liquid.

Flexitanks ship nearly everything better.

Liquitank flexitanks are suitable for transporting nearly any non-hazardous bulk liquid, at temperatures between -20℃ to 90℃.

  • wine, juice, syrup
  • milk, yogurt, cream
  • edible oils, sauces, liquid sugar
  • paint, ink, sealants
  • oils, greases, additives
  • adhesives, dyes, resins
  • soaps, detergents, cosmetics
  • & many other non-hazardous liquids.
certified kosher and halal
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How much will you save with Liquitank?

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Superior construction, extraordinary innovation.

Our flexitanks are constructed with two layers of virgin polyethylene film, which is wrapped in a proprietary woven polypropelene outer layer.

cross section of flexitank layers
Dual-layer construction
valve of flexitank
High flow valve
bulkhead system of flexitank
Bulkhead bar system
stacked view of flexitank in container

Transporting bulk liquids sustainably and economically.

Liquitank Solutions is passionate about developing innovative and cost effective solutions for transporting bulk liquids. We’re committed to manufacturing the highest quality products that help our customers reduce their shipping costs and carbon footprint.

$5 million product liability insurance
Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 standards
Compliant with FDA & EU regulations and directives
Eco-friendly with fully recyclable materials
Exceeds COA code of practice for flexitank requirements
Certified for US & Russian railroads

Flexitank Specifications

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